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2019 Tee Ball League (4-5 YO)



Ages 4-5



  1. The 2019 Little League age determination matrix will be used to determine league age.

  2. No team shall consist of more than 11 players.

  3. Home team is responsible for the batting tee, safety baseballs and helmets (league provided).

  4. Visiting Team is responsible for preparing the field (equipment in Blue Shed).

  5. A new inning shall not start after 1 hour of play.

  6. No scores or league standings are kept or recorded in any way.

  7. The batting order shall consist of all eligible team members. Each player must come to bat before the first batter hits a second time. Players arriving late must be added to the bottom of the batting order, and shall take that turn without disrupting the lineup.

  8. There are no “on-deck” batters.

  9. All players must bat each inning.  The last batter will run all of the bases.

  10. There are no strikeouts or walks in T-Ball.

  11. The ball must be hit beyond the arch (6’ half-circle in front of plate) to be considered “in-play”.

  12. Runners advance one (1) base at a time, unless ball is hit to the outfield.

  13. NO stealing – NO sliding – NO leading-off.

  14. Both teams shall play all players at a time in the field.

  15. Fielding team can make an out. Play should be to 1st base when possible.

  16. Fielding team must change players’ position after each inning.

  17. All players must wear shirts and hats provided by the league.

  18. Players are encouraged to hit off of a batting tee unless the skill level of the player is such that live pitching by the coach is appropriate.  No more than 4 pitches per player before the tee is used.

  19. Players are to stay in their fielding positions so as to limit multiple players attempting to field a live ball.

  20. Outfielders are to be placed at the edge of the grass and should not run into infield to make a play

  21. Infielders are not to enter the outfield to make a play on a live ball.



    1. Catcher (if applicable) must wear a helmet or mask at all times.  The catcher must not stand directly behind home plate, but to the side, away from foul balls.  It is encouraged to have the catcher throw as many balls back to the pitcher as possible, with the game’s time limit in mind.

    2. All batters and runners must wear helmets.

    3. Base distance is 50’.

    4. Regulation 9” safety “T” ball (Safe-T-Soft) or similar for boys and girls will be used in all league games. Hard balls are not allowed at any time during games or practices.



    Each coach will act as an umpire



    There are no protests allowed at the T-ball level. All games will be played as scheduled. Any complaints are to be addressed with the Delta Little League Board of Directors, beginning with the League commissioner.

President Delta Little League,
Feb 12, 2015, 5:55 PM