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2014 Concession Stand Demolition - 3D Company                       
        Click here for all demolition photos - 3D Company                                              New Concession Stand Drawings

 The guys from 3D Company skillfully removing the backstop.                Not a single pole was scratched during the demolition, incredible!

     Keith Rhonemus with Rhonemus Plumbing Heating                              Jeff Schwer with Schwer Electric, starting the electrical.      
      and Cooling working on installing the water lines.

    Wes Manor from Manor Brothers Concrete is hard                                               Thornburg Construction beginning to frame
at work on the new concession stand floor and field backstop.
It's no joke, Chris and Angie Selvey at Alaska Heating and Cooling donated and installed a HVAC unit.  It keeps  us cool in the summer and warm in the fall!                                            

We now know how many Delta Little League Board                                   Employees from 3D Company installing the safety pylons
members it takes to install a new pitcher's rubber!                                      that their company's owners (Don & Deanna Case) donated.

Bob Woodin at Koorsen was kind enough to donate                                                              Looking good!
and install new fire extinguishers in our concessions.

Several contractors working on finishing the concession island.      New vinyl fencing is up and so is the new booming sound system!

                                                                                                                                                            Nearly complete! 
                   Ready for the season!                                                      Do you think we have too much time on our hands?!

      Dr. Chris Phillips selling raffle tickets for the Beats                                               One of our favorite photos
         headphones that he donated to the league!

Thank you Daniel Blevins from DB Does It for tearing down the                               To make room for the new one!
         old Rookie League press box........


Many thanks to Reynolds for the use of their Gator & mower!